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    In order to restore my own health, and care of a parent, I am taking a sabbatical from treating patients at this time,. When I resume patient care it will be on a cash/credit basis only, as working in our current healthcare system has become detrimental to my own health and well being. I apologize for not being able to be of service to you at this time. The Pilates program will also be on hold.

    Everyone who walks through our doors is an individual with a unique situation.


    But they’re all looking for relief from pain that keeps them from doing what they want and need to do.

    Your pain may bother you in one specific spot, but the source of that pain doesn’t necessarily come from where you feel it. We have to look further away from the source of pain to see everything that could possibly contribute.

     Healing that pain begins with listening and learning to your whole story, because ongoing pain can be traced and connected to one or more diverse physical, emotional, psychological and social factors. We’ll take the time to ask the extra question, do the extra research on your behalf, or ask for an additional professional opinion to make sure every base is covered - even if we have to do it on our own time.
    Once we discover all the causes/sources of your pain, we can make an accurate diagnosis and develop a systemized treatment plan that leverages our use of our skills, techniques and advanced training.

  • From the Advanced Rehab community...

    “This is a great rehab clinic. It’s inviting, relaxing, and the staff is very thorough and knowledgeable.

    — Linda

    “Advanced Rehab has improved the quality and ease of recovering from knee surgery. They have made it simple to recover without pain and further troubles.”

    — Greg

    “Sandie, Jennifer and Kristen have been fantastic at moving me along toward recovery. I highly recommend Advanced Rehab for regaining fitness you have lost and for recovering from injury or arthritis.”

    — Robin

  • Conditions + Techniques

  • We specialize in trauma injuries and injuries related to living every day life.


    Whether from a car accident, a workers comp injury, sports injury or gardening, or just plain moving, your body carries stressors, and sometimes they react individually or in concert with other factors to put you in a world of pain.

    As mentioned above, after making sure we have listened and understand your story, we do a thorough assessment of all of the possible contributing factors to your pain. Once we have determined the CAUSE of your individual situation, together we come up with a plan to systematically address and improve those issues to get you better.

    Manual Physical Rehabilitation Therapy

    Manual Therapy

    Manual Therapy techniques help correct issues related to joints that are either not moving well, are not moving at all, are moving in the wrong pattern. Joints may become stiff and not move enough because of trauma or muscles being “turned off.” They may become locked or “stuck” without enough muscle support or if you have ligamentous damage. Joints may move too much if another area of the body has to compensate. We have to get joints moving correctly and with good support in order to move to the next step in healing. By finding the cause, we discover the right treatment approach.

    Dry Needling Therapy - Advanced Rehab

    Dry Needling

    This form of manual therapy helps address the muscle component of pain, when movement is limited. Your muscles may be too tight and tugging on your spine and joints (and scar tissue which can have the same effect). Dry Needling helps restore your body’s ability to relax, and encourages your muscles to start contracting more normally, while balancing the pressure and tugging around joints.

    Pilates Stabilization and Re-Patterning Therapy

    Stabilization and Re-Patterning​

    We use Pilates to train your body to move in a supported way that removes excessive stress to your joints. This method also helps lengthen the body so you don’t overly tug in one direction, thereby reducing compensation patterns that can develop over time and lead to pain. When used in therapy, Pilates also helps to “re-pattern” how and when muscle groups fire, restoring the timing of movement, which may also be a contribution factor to causing some injuries.

  • Fitness and Exercise. Advanced Rehabilitation and Pilates Studio, Helena, Montana

    Pilates and the Tree | Human Analogy

    As a form of training, Pilates compliments our “Everything is Connected” philosophy of practice. In Pilates, there is always a moving part and a part of the body that is stabilizing or controlling the movement. Imagine a tree that doesn’t have a strong trunk. When the wind blows, it can take a beating getting tossed side to side. And our backs can experience the same traumas with trying to carry our bodies through movement. But a tree trunk or spine that’s too rigid, is prone to fractures or breaking, which is why Pilates works to keep you long and flexible as well as strong stable and mobile.


    We refer to stability training as controlled mobility - being able to move fluidly through space in any activity, so you do not experience “flailing stress and strain of weakness, or breaking from being too rigid.” You are a complete person that needs to have strength and stability in all areas so you can live the vibrantly active life you desire.


    These classes will assist you to gain strength and stability through movement, flexibilty postural balance and more…


    Classes will benefit people at all levels of fitness. Classes are not intended for people with acute or "New" pain, we would recommend being evaluated by our physical therapist first and helping calm any new or acute pains. Pilates may help improve and/or maintain function for people in stable chronic conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis and MS. We have been able to help improve bone density in people with Osteoporosis, however other measures such as diet and eliminating, "bone stealers," is also necessary to achieve this outcome. Pilates is not the best form of cardio training, therefore we recommend supplementing this training with either walking or other forms of exercise that get your heart pumping faster.


    If you have not done Pilates at this facility, we do require an"Intro package." This package will help you determine if you like Pilates and provide both you and the instructor with a "Pulse," on where you are in your fitness level, what your limitations and restrictions are, and what settings on the equipment will best meet your needs so your goals can be clarified and better met. This will also ensure that when you do start classes you are not left wondering what is going on... as Pilates is detailed, specific and focused movement.



    Please contact us at (406) 495-8995 for more information.

  • From the Advanced Rehab community...

    “Sandra was concerned about my whole person and discussed what I needed to help me improve as much as I could. I can tell you today that Advanced Rehab was a blessing. I am not feeling the pain I was living with before I came here.”

    — Julia

    “My injury prior to going to Advanced Rehab was painful and had an effect on all daily tasks. It was even difficult to put my shoes on. After 8 sessions I am pain-free and back to living a normal life again.”

    — Scott

    “When I first came to Advanced Rehab I was extremely deconditioned from chronic illness. I had pain constantly and had to take Tylenol and Advil to treat it. I no longer need to take pain medication. I am strong and able to participate in an activity I wish to. I have my life back!”

    — Roberta

  • Staff Bios

    Dr. Sandra Marston

    Dr. Sandra Marston

    Dr. Marston’s passion to heal is complimented by her dedication to educating and helping people better navigate their way through physical therapy. She understands that through validating and sharing our vulnerabilities we connect each others’humanity. While her accomplishments in physical therapy make her the highest trained and credentialed physical therapist in Helena (as of 2014), it is her own personal experience with pain and limitation that allows her to really hear and understand patients. She freely shares her challenges so her patients realize that along with her academic achievements, they have a partner throughout their recovery and are not alone in the commitment to getting better. Patients often ask what the credentials stand for:

    • DSCPT: This is a second degree in physical therapy, what is often referred to as a "Post Doc." This is an advanced degree with specialization. It is uncommon for PT's to aspire to this level of education in the service of their patients as insurance companies do not pay more for the added expertise and yet patients benefit.
    • FAAOMPT: Fellow of the American Academy of Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy
    • COMT: Certified Orthopedic Manual Therapist
    • MSPT: Master of Science in Physical Therapy- entry level degree in physical therapy
    • CPI: Certified Pilates Instructor
    • IMT: Intramuscular Manual Therapist: She has 2 certifications in this area which also means “Dry Needling”
    Dr. Marston truly is Helena's EXPERT PT! see all of the Happy Client Testimonials here and on Facebook!
    • She also offers high-end On-line Health and Fitness coaching with programs varied from “Sit to Fit,” “Pre/Post Rehab Strong Back,” Stealth Bones Academy,” and “Ignite Your Life Academy.”

      Other Ventures such as:


    • Living Healthy Connections, is a community building health program she offers that takes the “Figuring out-OUT,” you just show up and “get there” in health, fitness, nutritions, environment and even the arts. Call to learn more about these offerings.

    Jenny Agamenoni, PTA

    Jenny Agamenoni, PTA

    Jenny started her educational journey in Missoula where she learned the ins and outs of anatomy, exercise, and nutrition, earning her Bachelors in Exercise Science with high honors in 2011. She then worked as a physical therapy aide for two years and realized she has a passion for helping people return to their active lifestyle. She decided a career in physical therapy would allow her to pursue that passion on a daily basis. She furthered her education at Flathead Valley Community College, receiving her Physical Therapist Assistant degree in 2014. She has worked at 2 other outpatient physical therapy clinics in MT and OR before starting at Advanced Rehab over a year ago. She is currently pursuing a certification through the North American Institute of Manual Therapy (NAIOMT)- an accelerated institute specializing in manual therapy and hands-on care. Jenny has also been working closely with Dr. Sandra Marston to train patients and clients through the use of the Pilates reformer. Her previous education and experience improves her ability to monitor the detailed movements required to correctly and safely perform each Pilates motion. Making a personal connection with each patient/client and seeing them return to the hobbies and activities that make their life fulfilling is what she enjoys most about her job. Aside from work Jenny likes to spend time with her husband and the rest of their families, being active with swimming, hiking, boating and skiing.


    Experience and qualifications:

    • Bachelors in Exercise Science
    • Associate in Applied Science- Physical Therapist Assistant
    • Certified in Astym technique for scar tissue treatment
    • Specializing in manual therapy and orthopedic rehabilitation
    • Continuing education for advanced clinical skills
    • Pilates instructor
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    In the first session we determine the best ways to help you recover as affordably as possible and offer several different packages and payment options. As a small local practice, we are no longer able to carry the stress and financial burden of dealing with insurance companies. Payment is due at the time of service, unless a payment plan is arranged. We provide our patients with a super bill so they may seek reimbursement from their contracted insurance company for reimbursement. There are companies that with a photo of the super bill will forward your bill to your insurance company for you, we are not connected with those companies, however upon request may point you to who they are. Our understanding is that there is no charge until your deductible is paid, however you will need to confirm that as policies change etc.

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